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This is my blog where I can write about writing about my stories and my corsets.
I've been quite busy recently, and now I think I might be coming down with a cold - sore throat and sneezing :(

Still, made it to work today, so I can't be that bad. This will, annoyingly, probably curb my corset wearing - there's one big thing which is very bad to do in a corset, and that is to sneeze - it should be avoided at all costs - I've done it once or twice and it is *very* uncomfortable, verging on the painful! Just the sheer force that your chest moves with, pushes against the corset, and you can actually risk breaking it!

So, I'll be avoiding that.


Ohayo gozaimasu!

I was hyper at Hyper Japan yesterday! What a wonderful place! I got there about midday, and just wandered and soaked up the atmosphere :)

Kawaii fashion show was amazing - such wonderful outfits, the epitome of cuteness. Favourite? Hard to pick, but Pixie Late's Baby/Disney dress was gorgeous:

(She's on the left here) (sorry for the rubbish pic - I just had my phone)

I was a bit disappointed on the amount of Lolita stuff in general, though - plenty of Kawaii hair accessories and jewellery: I treated myself to a cupcake bow. But not much in terms of clothing etc. But I was generally inspired - maybe next time I'll make it dressed up a lil more

The food looked amazing but the queues were horrendous. The Cosplayers were impressive in their... costumes. There were some scary Samurai swords, some interesting looking games and some very cute arty things

Altogether, a fun was to spend a Sunday afternoon


OK, so I'm an optimist - always have been and probably always will be. Always thinking the best of people, always expecting things to work out good in the end. It does mean I tend to be cheerful, but then, I do have a depressive side too. I'm also quite introverted and shy at times, and like some "me time" quite often.

I was optimistic thinking I'd manage a blog a day. Too many other distractions! I was going to write this earlier today, but Gothic Lolita Wigs emailed me with a special offer and that was me away, choosing :)

And I'm off to Hyper Japan exhibition up in London on Sunday :) Yay! Never been before, so don't quite know what to expect, but it looks wonderful - hopefully get some Christmas Lolita ideas


This week I managed to corset Monday to Friday, which for recent times is a lil bit of a record. It is feeling nice and consistent and comfy - managing to last the whole day fairly tight without even adjusting, most days - providing I'm not silly and over tighten, of course!

Now previous days I've said I want it to become normal, so why am I celebrating this? Well, perhaps because it is becoming normal - I can just wear it day in and day out. It is just my life, my normal day - previous weeks I've got to Thursday and not felt like  - today, Friday, I was fine and happy to be all squished up... I think its growing on me ;)

I was reading yesterday and found this article on Lucy's Corsetry site:

De-Sensationalizing the corset
It is about saying that the corset it just another garment - and should be worn as such, rather than being a special item with connotations of kink or fetish. I love this idea, and I'm getting there myself - it has become a daily thing for me, wearing it as long as I can, not too tight but tight enough. Aware of it like any other garment, but not distracted by it. When I recently took mine to be dry cleaned, I got a comment from the lady there that it must be uncomfortable - she wasn't really interested in my argument that it was actually quite comfortable, but it illustrates the general pre-conceptions about corsetry.

They can be everyday wear: I wear mine because I love the feeling it gives me and I love the figure it gives me, and, yes, there is a certain degree of fetish of being bound tightly into it with no trivial way out (I can't just kick it off like I can a pair of uncomfortable heels) but it is now just part of my daily routine, my lifestyle.


I'm getting less grumpy - had a weekend which was filled with doing stuff, but feeling quite down and discontented with life in general. Nothing majorly serious in the grand scheme of things, but just that feeling that life could be so much more than it is and I should be doing more with this gift I've been given.

I'm sure it'll pass, and life will go back to normalishness.

Spending the morning on the train, trying to work out what I want for Christmas :) Corset is ready to go for the day, which always makes me feel better. Going to be a good day, I think. We'll see!

Still not got any further with any writings, which I guess is also depressing a lil bit. I don't like failing at things and it feels a bit like that when I'm not writing.

And yesyes, I know this is all a bit short sentences and meaningless waffle from me :) I guess I'm not feeling very deep today. Is it that Winter's coming? Mornings and Evenings are dark and gloomy... Christmas is looming. I do enjoy Christmas, but it can get stressful. This year I'm at my place for Christmas and people are coming to visit me, which will be good - usually I travel off round seeing everyone, but for the first time, I think, I'm staying put! Might even get a real tree! Must get fairies for the tree.


This morning I was grumpy... I'm normally quite placid, but some days I just get grumpy. Not sure why, just one of those odd feelings really. Maybe general frustration with life. Maybe just grumpiness.

Told someone off at the station for smoking too near the entrance. I think I shocked him a bit, I'm not sure he expected me to say that. Not sure I did either

Got better during the day, though, and this evening back to my normal placid self. I think. Maybe an evening of just being a Dolly in SL helped. Nothing to do but just be. No worries or cares. Just be.